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  • All trainers MUST obtain medical info sheets from each player at the start of each season. A copy should be kept by the trainer with the first aid kit and a copy filed with the manager.


  • First Aid kits MUST be kept up-to-date and be available during each game/practice.


  • Trainers should be prepared to educate parents on Concussion Awareness.  


  • It is strongly recommended that a medical info sheet is also filled out for each member of the bench staff. 


Each team MUST have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) 



  • Trainers have final say if/when a player can return to play/practice (upon receipt of a medical form if necessary)period. 


  • Follow the "11 Must Do's" for every minor hockey team trainer



Downloads for all Trainer related documents are available at:

*this includes medical forms, concussion info,return to play forms etc 

The HTCP has identified several principles by which certified members are encourage to practice.

Should strive to enhance the safety of all hockey participants at all times.

Use only those techniques that you are qualified to administer.

Always err on the side of caution and never practice any behaviour that may ultimately harm a participant or worsen an injury.

Never mislead or lie about their qualifications, education or professional affiliations.

Strive to achieve the highest level of competence and continue to educate yourself to update and improve your skills.

Strive to promote the values of Fair Play, integrity and friendship in hockey, and never condone, encourage, engage in or defend unsportsmanlike conduct, including the use of performance enhancing substances.

Always put the player's best interest first and ensure that all players are treated with respect and integrity; from from any form of physical and/or emotional maltreatment.

Never practice, condone, defend or permit discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, age, religion or ethnic origin.

Respect all participant information as confidential. Such information shall not be disclosed to any person without the consent of the participant and their parents or guardians, except where required by law or in the event of an emergency.






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