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Coaching applications are now being accepted for the 2024-25 season

Deadline for applications Friday, February 16, 2024


BDGMHA applies great importance to the position of coach and its role within the organization. In most cases it is the coach’s influence, style, knowledge and ability that will help determine the success of the team both on and off the ice. BDGMHA strives to ensure that their members receive the best coaching possible. We will review all coaching applications as part of the interview and selection process. 

An interview committee will be established and their recommendations will play a key part of the selection process. The BDGMHA  is the final authority for accepting coaches for all teams and programs. Successful applicants must provide a current Police Check.


 (Volunteer Letters & declarations are available on our website)

Please email to: [email protected]

 Interviews TBA

Selections time line TBA


Note: applicants will receive acknowledgement by email to confirm receipt of application. If acknowledgement is not received within 7 days from date sent, please contact BDGMHA asap to ensure your application was received.

Not all applicants that apply will be granted an interviewThe Selection Committee will contact only those candidates that qualify for an interview. 

*Should the Selection Committee report to the BDGMHA executive that they could not recommend a suitable candidate for a team after the interview/selection process, the Board reserves the right to repost the position. Applicants should not assume that they will be acclaimed into a coaching position.  
Unfortunately, as in hockey and life, not everyone can "win" the coaching position they want and not every parent will be happy with the selection. We hope that we can agree the process was handled fairly and that we will all support the coaches who were selected. 

Constitutional Items regarding Coaches Selection
Coaching Selection and Development 

A) The B.D.G.M.H.A. shall establish a coach’s selection committee consisting of:
  i) A three to five member panel of Executive members and /or appointees.
ii) Members that are not in violation of conflict of interests. 
B) The committee is responsible for interviewing the coaching candidates and selecting a suitable
candidate based on criteria to be determined by the Executive.
C) After the coaching selection committee has made its selection it will be presented to the
Executive for approval by a majority.
i) The coaching selection process should be initiated in March with all selections of
first level coaches confirmed by the first of May when possible.
E) All coaches and their coaching staff must submit a current police check to the Executive prior
to September 30th.

i) All police checks will be reviewed and approved by the Executive prior to the
finalization of the coaching position. 
F) All successful coaching candidates must present to the Executive, for their approval, a list of
potential coaching staff and managers prior to the completion of tryouts.