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Belleville Bearcats Rep Registration 2024-25 Season

Register for the upcoming 2024-25 Bearcats Season

Rep Fee Payment Structure
The “Rep” fee payment structure is as follows:
At time of registration: $400.00
October 1, 2024: $400.00
November 1, 2024: $400.00
December 1, 2024: $400.00

This is the payment schedule set out by the association.
Managers will set budgets for each individual representative team within the organization and advise players the projected cost of playing on the identified team for the 2024/2025 season.

The fees set by the team could include amounts beyond those identified above and the expectation is that players will follow the payment schedule that is made by the team in addition to that set by the association.

*New* Payments can be made by Credit Card or E-transfer ONLY.
There is a 3.5% administration fee for credit card payments.

Unfortunately, the system is not designed to trigger e-transfers automatically.
However, the expectation is that at time of registration the total payment due as outlined above will be forwarded no later than the identified due date if e-transfer payment option is selected.

Players who fail to meet payment deadlines will be advised that they are ineligible to take the ice with their team until payment has been received.

E-transfers must be sent to: [email protected]

Please ensure that when you send your E-transfer, you include the following:
1. Full Name of Player
2. Age Division (i.e., U13 Tier 2)
3. Reason for Payment (i.e., rep fee)
This is imperative for your account to be marked paid.