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The OWHA defines minimum requirements for all team staff positions. In order to register your team roster with the OWHA, these minimum requirements must be met.

Requirements are submitted online as part of the staff registration process, using the Ramp Registration system. It is up to each volunteer to maintain their volunteer profile and to know whether all requirements have been fulfilled.

Requirements for all positions

  1. Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
  2. Planning a Safe Return to Hockey
  3. Gender Identity and Expression Course
  4. Criminal Reference Check
  5. Vulnerable Sector Screening

Coaching Courses and Certification Links

All of these courses and certifications are offered through the OMHA and the OWHA, at the following links;

Please note that the courses and certifications are the same regardless the organization that offers them.  They are the same NCCP course and are not governing body specific.


Every team, Representative or House League, will require a rostered trainer. As per OWHA policy every effort should be made to utilize a female trainer. All trainers must hold a valid HTCP Trainers certificate.

Courses for the HTCP Level 1 are offered through the Hockey Trainers Ontario at the following link;


Team may choose to utilize a Team Manager. If one is utilized they must complete the requirements listed above under “Requirements for All Positions”.

Non-Rostered Volunteers

From time-to-time teams may utilize non-rostered volunteers as on ice or dressing room helpers. Any volunteer must be always under the direct supervision of Head Coach or Assistant.

Any volunteer over the age of 18, not registered or rostered will provide to the Head Coach as a minimum;

  1. Valid Criminal Reference Check
  2. Valid Vulnerable Sector Screening Letter
  3. Proof of completion of the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

Criminal Reference Check and Declaration

Criminal Reference checks need to be completed every 2 years. Every other year a Criminal Reference Declaration Form can be filled and uploaded. Utilize the link through RAMP registration to apply for and upload your CRC.

Vulnerable Sector Screening

VSS Screening must be completed every year.
Police Record Checks