House League Junior, 2019-2020 (Belleville Bearcats Hockey)

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This Team is part of the 2019-2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
No upcoming games scheduled.

Bearcat House League System - SEE SCHEDULE BELOW

Junior House League - 10 and under program – for player who are 10 and under (2007 and younger) and who can skate independently. Girls brand new to hockey and over the age of 10 are also welcome 

Our Bearcat 10 and under program sessions are 
on Monday’s from 5:30 to 8:30 (depending on skill level) at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre – Mackay Arena

We start at the end of Sept or early October and go through until early March with a two week break at Christmas.  

Cost for 2019-2020 Season:
2013 and younger $125

2012 New to Bearcat Hockey $125
2012 attended First Shift in 2018 $200
2012 if none of the above $350

2011 New to Bearcat Hockey $125
2011 attended First Shift in 2018 $200
2011 if none of the above $350

2009-2010 New to Bearcat Hockey $125
2009-2010 Goalie $125
2009-2010 attended First Shift in 2018 $200
2009-2010 if none of the above $350

2008 Only who attended First Shift in 2018 $200
2007-2008 New to Bearcat Hockey $125
2007-2008 Goalie $125
2007-2008 if none of the above $350

2005-2006 Goalie $125
2005-2006 $350


For our 10 and under program we use a Cross Ice format for our program.

The aim of the Cross-ice program is to encourage an environment in which the children can learn the basic skills without the distraction that is often associated with an over emphasis on winning.

·         The objectives of the Cross Ice program is:

·         Stress participation, fun and skill development

·         To provide a step towards a full-ice program

·         Modify the playing environment to meet the needs of younger players

·         Increase opportunities for younger players to touch and handle the puck

·         Increase the practice to game ratio to a minimum of three practices to one game

·         Provide a positive environment for learning the fundamental skills of hockey

·         Improve the utilization of ice time

“It makes no sense for kids to play organized games until they have reasonable mastery of skating, puck handing, passing and shooting.”
Dr. Murray Smith, Sports Psychologist
Edmonton Oilers
Kelowna Rockets

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